How do I qualify for tour support?

To make this kind of partnership work most effectively, the charity you are representing should be something that is appropriate for you, your music, and your audience. You also need to be in front of enough people on a regular basis (usually 25-30 dates per year) so that it is cost effective for the charity. We look at each artist on an individual basis and try to foster to your experiences and passions, so go ahead and fill out an Artist Sponsorship Inquiry Form and we'll help guide you to which charity might suit you best. 

Will partnering with a charity "fit" with what I'm already doing onstage?

It absolutely can! Don't worry about the "hows" and working it into your show. It's really very simple and can be as creative and unique as you are. (We can help you with ideas and details to help you make it work.)


Why would a charity want to pay me for doing this?

Charities have found that donors who come to them through an artist will statistically remain a donor longer and be more consistent with their giving than other donors because of their loyalty to and relationship with the artist. For this reason, the donors that an artist acquires are more valuable to the charity and so they are willing to pay you a set fee for finding them. Not to mention, an additional stream of revenue (such as charity support) for an artist means the ability to travel to more shows, and more shows means more people who will hear about the charity so it's an advantageous cycle for all parties involved.


How much time is involved in doing this?

In a way, there really isn't much extra time involved at all. First, there are the few minutes during your show that you will share with your audience about the charity and ask them to come check it out at your merch table. Secondly, you'll be at your table after the show anyway selling merch – you'll simply receive people's donations there at the same time. And finally, there's the 10-15 minutes or so you'll take after the show to drop the donations into a postage-paid envelope to send to the charity.

How much would I be paid and how often?

About two weeks after you mail in the donations you received after your show, you will receive a check from the charity for an agreed upon amount (typically $75-$100 per sponsorship).

I'm still not sure – is it really OK to take money from a charity?

Over the years, Tom has helped many artists overcome the feeling that taking money from charities is wrong. However, these charities have budgets for marketing, and they’re always looking for ways to get in front of new people. They recognize artists spend time, money, and energy to get their gigs and develop audiences, and they are willing to pay you for access to your audiences. If they were going to put an ad in a magazine or a commercial on TV, they’d have to pay for that – so these dollars are well spent and produce results!

What kind of response can I expect from the audience?

First of all, you can expect to have more credibility as an artist because of your relationship with the charity. And as far as donations, if you follow Tom's training when creating your appeal, you will likely have a 1-2% response rate from your audience who will sponsor a child. As you continue to improve your appeal and figure out how to relationally communicate your message, you might expect to see a response rate of 2-5% and more!

Is there training available to help me maximize this opportunity?

Yes, absolutely. We have a Charity Representative for each of the charities we work with. They are willing and eager to help you be successful in your partnership. In addition, as soon as you have signed up with a charity, you will have FREE access to all our Tour Support Training videos & articles. Tom's teaching resources will help you create a great appeal!

Will the charity help us with bookings?

Our charities do not helping artists with bookings. However, if you are a member of our Backstage Pass area (which you can receive at a reduced rate because of your charity partnership), the articles and videos there will help you understand more about the booking process and how to be the most effective at it.

Will we get to travel overseas to see the charity at work?

As your relationship with the charity continues, and they see the growing results of their partnership with you, they will consider sending you into the field to witness their work firsthand. Seeing the charity at work will give you firsthand experience and personal stories to share with your audience which usually increases their response to your appeal for the charity.

How do we know these charities operate with integrity and the funds collected are used for what they say?

Tom Jackson has vetted EVERY charity we represent and is confident they maintain accountable standards. All of them have sustained a long history of effectively helping those less fortunate around the world. Not to mention, all of their financial accountability information is listed for the public to view. 

It’s really what we call a “win-win-win” — the children impacted through monthly donations received from your audience win, the additional funds you’ll receive give you a win, and your audience will win by being given the opportunity to change their own lives through their gifts to the unfortunate around the world.

If you have more questions, please fill out our Artist Sponsorship Inquiry Form.