About Food For The Hungry

Food for the Hungry (FH) is a Christian organization serving the poor globally since 1971. They reflect the love of Christ in short-term emergency relief and long-term work to end world hunger.

FH focuses on helping children and suffering communities. They support churches, leaders and families in caring for children. They believe that as communities grow spiritually, economically, and in healthy practices, children grow up with hope for their future.

Partners with the poor and respecting their cultures, more than 90 percent of the 2,000-plus FH staff members are citizens of the more than 20 countries in which they operate around the world.  Their programs are designed with input from the poor. Our experts respectfully bring new practices in agriculture, health, child development and more to impoverished communities. The result is innovation and long-lasting relationships.

In 2001 I somewhat skeptically began adding child sponsorship to my performance venues. Today I can’t imagine doing my work without sharing about sponsorship. I love that I can impact an audience locally with my art and at the same time be a conduit for change in a child’s life on the other side of the world. Talk about having a global impact — this will do it! I’m so grateful that Tom Jackson opened this door for me!
— Chuck Neighbors (Actor/Storyteller Artist Associate with Food For the Hungry)

A few examples of what makes FH unique:

  • Cascade model (social networking) — When one FH staff teaches 15 groups of men or women, these men or women teach an additional 10 families each; in this way 1 staff member reaches 1,680 people.
  • Community transformation — FH works with communities to help all areas of a child’s life become healthy. Parents and churches learn about income generation, water, nutrition and more. Children learn from their parents. The entire community learns to overcome poverty.
  • Partnering with the poor — Impoverished people have good ideas and valuable knowledge for solving their own problems. FH partners with communities to find solutions and local resources, so they are invested in projects.