About Kids Alive International

Kids Alive International is Dedicated to Rescuing Kids Around the World Supported by Your Involvement and Your Donations.

Kids Alive International began in 1916 in Shantung Province, China, when missionaries Leslie and Ava Anglin began taking in homeless Chinese children. From those humble beginnings, Kids Alive today has expanded worldwide, helping care for thousands of children through residential homes, care centers and schools.

Kids Alive International is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs. They provide children with the love and care every child deserves, and raises them to be contributing members of their society and witnesses to their family and community.

What Makes Kids Alive Unique:

  • The first and still most critical Kids Alive ministry programs are residential homes for children, where needy children live together in family units with several other children and their own Christian house parents. In this way children can experience — often for the first time – what it means to have their physical needs met while also experiencing the love and warmth of a family. 
  • Other at-risk children still live with their families in the communities where Kids Alive works, stuck in the devastating cycle of poverty. For this reason, Kids Alive provides many of the same services — healthy meals, basic medical care, spiritual guidance and education — to non-residential children through their Care Centers.
  • Kids Alive also provides schools, medical clinics, and community outreach wherever they can, to help children grow up into the people they know God wants them to be.