Since 1979, Prison Fellowship International has followed God's call to proclaim the gospel worldwide and alleviate the suffering of prisoners and their families. 

Millions of children around the world have lost one or both parents to incarceration. Of these, nearly 1 million children of prisoners live in high-risk situations: poverty, isolation, abandonment. They are stigmatized as outcasts in their communities, and are five to ten times more likely to get caught up in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Our Children of Prisoners Program finds these most vulnerable children to ensure they have a safe and caring place to live, enough nutritious food to eat, access to proper education, and emotional and spiritual support.

Our mission is to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of poor and vulnerable children of prisoners worldwide. 

What Makes PRISON FELLOWSHIP INt'l Unique:

  • We are the world's largest, most extensive association of national Christian ministries working with the criminal justice field.
  • We are active in more than 120 countries, engaging 45,000 volunteers in prison ministry.
  • Our national ministries are indigenous, volunteer-based, and trans-denominational, enabling us to minister to prisoners and their families in culturally impactful ways.