Every day, normal kids are recruited as child soldiers and trained to be killers. Child soldiering has been called one of the cruelest forms of modern day slavery because it incorporates forced physical labor, subjection to war and sexual exploitation.

PROJECT AK-47 exists to RESCUE child soldiers from lives of violence, RESTORE their identities, and RESHAPE regions of conflict. Using economic initiatives, education programs and safe houses, we love and educate these children, equipping them with tools to navigate hardships and restore peace for their generation.

We are an eclectic and passionate group, bound together by a powerful vision: to make child soldiering a thing of the past through innovative justice in hard places.  

The first time I shared our appeal, we had members of the audience come up and sing a song I wrote tying into the theme of the charity. There were tears and an incredible amount of support from everyone. I was stunned at how this galvanized our band as well as the audience. It united us and gave us purpose. We will be doing this during our shows again and again!
— Bret Welty (Indie Artist Artist Associate with Project AK-47)

What Makes Project AK-47 Unique:

  • We choose to work in incredibly dark and dangerous areas of Southeast Asia and Latin America because many other organizations are unable or unwilling to go there. 
  • Our work extends far beyond the initial rescue phase - we are committed to our children through adulthood, helping them to become valuable members of their societies. 
  • Our unique approach allows us to have a significant impact in various areas including education, community building, and economic initiatives. Each area represents a vital piece in reshaping a region towards peace and making child soldiers a thing of the past. 
  • We chose our name because the AK-47 represents all of us. It is often dubbed the “people’s gun.”  It was the first gun of modern warfare that enabled armed groups to use children in combat, because even a child can learn to shoot an AK.